Monday, March 7, 2011

The adventure begins:
buying my cargo tricycle Sanlunche at Shanghai

It seems so easy to get a sanlunche when every gardener or recycling collector in the city has an old and rusty one, but finally there aren't so many shops selling a good selection of them.
All Shanghai citizen want to drive e-bikes, e-trikes, and the classical musclepowered trikes are out of fashion.

Last month, after some unsuccessful internet investigation (I don't want to by a container full of them at alibaba) , I found occassionally a good shop about 25 km from my house, and after the spring festival break I convinced two friends to take me a sunny tuesday morning to the shop at Hutai Branch Road 1588, not so far from Metro Line 7 ChangZhong Road Station in the north of Shanghai.

So I start the negotiations at the shop,
looking for a strong black model.

The first model is the smallest of the black sanlunche, by the price of 700 RMB.
I know that quality isn't western standard, but this cheepest model is too poor. Light tubes, corrosion, bad wheels. And the cargo part is too small. I prefer some stronger model.

The second one looks better: 1,10 m Cargo back, less corrosion, better wheels and ball bearings. The frame also looks stronger, but I am still missing a hand brake.
850 RMB is okay for the vehicle. The next size would be 1100 RMB, with welded spokes, and too long for my project, so I check the mid-size model.

In some short moment the shop crew installs a seat and I go for a trial ride.
I could not believe how different it is to ride a cargo trike: some smooth turn to on side, and all the dozens of kilos from the back want to go to the new direction. Soon I miss the hand brakes right at the handlebars, it's a long way down to the frame based brake.
The black paint has not totally dried, so my hand get black from usinig the brake.

My decision is made: I want to own this FeiHong Famous Brand trike !!!
I further choose a strong lock (Football Brand !), hardly recommended by the shop's Laoban. But I don't buy the optional electric motor kit for 1400 RMB, because I want to have a few slow rides on it, not the everyday heavy load transports.

The early morning payment makes the chief as happy as me, but I think the price is more than fair for the heavy iron vehicle.

The shop's namecard (if anybody needs the telephone or exact address)
and official my receipt for the payment:

Yes, now I am an owner of a sanlunche !

Thanks to Klaus and Tania, for getting me to Hutai Branch Road, helping at translations and taking all these photos of the Cargo Trike Shopping Day !
And some info how to get to the shop google maps:

Hu Tai Zhi Lu 1380号-1638号 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen