Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to Camerickshaw

This is the story about my Shanghai Pinhole Project based on a classical chinese vehicle. The idea is to build a huge pinhole camera on the back of a sanlunche (三轮车) cargo trike or rickshaw.

As pinhole photography is a slow method of capturing images, the way to move in the XXL metropolis should be slow as well.
This camera will allow me, the photographer, to stay inside the pinhole camera during the exposure of large scale photos which I want to take in different districts of the City of Shanghai. Hopefully, local people will be attracted by the strange vehicle and might like to participate in the photographies.
I expect many positive experiences, maybe some unforeseen suffering and a wonderful and unique time at my actual hometown 上海.
As it is a combination of a RICKSHAW and a PINHOLE CAMERA, the project is called