Saturday, March 12, 2011

My new FeiHong Sanlunche -some technical details

I bought my trike of Shanghai Famous Brand "Fei Hong" (Flying Rainbow) 飛虹名牌.
Now I want to decribe some special features of the vehicle:

The trike is 2.50 m long and 1.00 m wide.
The front wheel is 26 x 1 3/4", the back wheels are 26 x 2 1/2".
The interior loading surface is 1.10 m (l) x 0,75 m (w)
Maybe it is better not to know the weight, honestly said: it is heavy. There are no fenders and no front brake , I'll try to change this detail some day. No loading surface is provided, but my local carpinter is resolving that problem with solid plywood.

A very special detail is the brake: some handle at the frame pulls via two metal bars at a curved metal sheet. This sheet stops by contact to a flywheel at the back axle the back wheels. The back axle is easy to change to a motorized version by some screws. Corrosion protection is not foreseen...
The elegant frame shape allows to hopp on the trike in loaded position.
Of course, forget about any gear shift.

The hardened solid steel lock "Football" should protect it the next years from robbery. As long as the camera isn't installed, my children like to have short trip on the back trough the neighborhood.