Monday, February 27, 2012

Early spring - last finetuning

After endless days of cold and rain, Camerickshaw left its garage for the first time this year. Conditions are good for several test-assemblies/disassemblies and some fine tuning. I take the chance to improve Camerickshaw in different subjects, such as security, commodity, burglar protection and stability.

Now my Camerickshaw features a bell, a front brake, a dynamo front light and front mudguards. The rubber grip for the main brake handle is also welcome. It almost looks like a bike. My red back light is battery based and use basically as darkroom light.

New wooden boards cover the lower part of the back, so no one can see the stainless steel when the tricycle cam is dismantled and stored. At the same time, these wood improves the light proof of the camera bottom.

The two jacks combined with two simple bricks do a very good job to avoid movements of the cam when I am inside for exposures and further to avoid tip over when I step on the rear edge. So Camerickshaw is ready for the road !